Ewe Flock Members

On this page you will find a brief introduction to each of our  ewes.  More details and pictures can be found on their individual pages.


Born as a single in 2015 and came to our farm that spring as part of our original starter flock. Oasis is a quiet white girl and an easy keeper and a joy to have in the flock. Her fleece is soft and fluffy as clouds and very very consistent across her entire fleece.



Born as a triplet in 2015 and came to our farm that spring as part of our original starter flock. She is a mellow sweet ewe who is very friendly and who loves her graham crackers. Oceana has a stunning moorit award winning fleece.



Born as a triplet in 2015 and came to our farm that spring as part of the original flock. Odessey is one of our largest ewes weighing just shy of 200lbs as an adult. She is an incredibly determined girl who has never missed a meal in her life! She is a full sibling to our ram Orion. She gives an enormous fleece which is a nice silvery gray in color.




Born as a twin on Valentine’s day in 2016, daughter of our flock matriarch Nan and sire Oleander.  Amore is going to be a large girl when she reaches maturity in another year or two.  She is a very laid back ewe and is easy to work with. Amore has a dark charcoal fleece that has lots of crimp and character.



 Born as a single in 2016 as daughter of Oceana and Oleander. Angel came into the world big and has stayed that way ever since. She is a friendly ewe who is a great flock ambassador when people come to visit. Angel’s wool is incredibly soft with tight crimp and is a beautiful steel blue gray color.



 Born as a triplet in 2016 and joined our flock later that year. Annie came as an itty bitty late born lamb and has amazed us at how much a sheep can grow in just a year. She is very stoic and friendly, who loves having her head scratched. Her enormous fleece is a beautiful white that just glows with luster. It is very soft with lots and lots of crimp.


 Ariel Born as a single in 2016 and joined our flock later that summer. Ariel is a ewe that is always around but never causing any trouble. She is a sweet girl who enjoys getting attention. Her fleece is light gray in color with lots of beautiful crimp. It has a nice soft handle with a beautiful luster. 



 Born as a triplet in 2016 and joined our flock later that summer. Arwen is a unique personality and is similar to the character “Dory” from Finding Nemo. She is hilarious! Arwen is a large framed ewe who will be quite large as an adult when she is done maturing physically, we are not holding our breath for her mental maturity. 🙂 Arwen is a wool growing machine!!! It is very dense, extremely soft, and is a deep gray in color. Yummy!



 Born in 2017 as a twin and joined our flock later that spring.  Basil will pretty much stay out of your way UNLESS you have food (then dive for cover!).  Her fleece and her genetics bring a great variety to our flock.  Her fleece is a stunning cinnamon color and has a really soft handle. It is extremely crimpy and has a nice luster.



 Born in 2017 as a single to Angel and Orion. She is correctly named because she is “busy as a bee”. Yet she is a shy girl who prefers to let you have your space to work in. Her soft fleece is a beautiful medium gray with lots of luster.



 Born in 2017 as a triplet to Nan and Adrian. Sadly Nan and the other two triplets did not survive delivery, leaving Believe as the only survivor. Despite her rough start, she is the happiest sheep you will ever meet. She knows no strangers, just a friend she hasn’t met yet, with two legs or four. Because of her preemie birth her ears are shaped like teacups; making her stand out from everyone else.  Her fleece exceeded our expectations considering her difficult beginnings. It is the most unique honey mocha color with a dash of silver.



Born as a twin in 2017 to Amore and Orion. She is a big and beautiful dark ewe who is an easy girl to work with.  What a gem! Her fleece is soft and very dense. It is a beautiful dark charcoal color.  



Born in 2017 as a twin sister to Bonnie by Jaylee and Adrian. She started as a very shy lamb who wanted nothing to do with the two- legged things. Eventually she was swayed by her more forward sister that the humans are actually really nice. Her fleece is absolutely stunning! It is a unique shade of tan with a hint of blue. The crimp is tight and is extremely consistent from front to back.



Born in 2017 as a twin sister to Bindy by Jaylee and Adrian. Bonnie has always been the bigger and more forward of these twins, coming up for attention even at a very young age. She is a sweet ewe who loves chin scratches.  Bonnie is soft mocha brown with a shade of blue and tries to outshine her sister in everything.  Her fleece is extremely soft with tight crimp and awesome consistency front to back.



Born in 2017 as a single to Odessey and Adrian. She was our largest ewe lamb in 2017 weighing in at 117lbs at six months old. Borealis is a beautiful girl with a sweet and gentle personality. Her fleece is a beautiful silver color. It has lots of crimp and is very fine. We are excited to have this young ewe in our flock. 



Born as a twin in 2017 to Oceana and Orion. Brie is affectionately nicknamed “the nibbler” because of her habit of putting everything (!) in her mouth. We look forward to her growing up a bit. 🙂 She is a well built girl out of two of our award winning parents. We are excited to see what she can produce!  Her fleece is a beautiful silvery gray and has loads of crimp. And oh, so soft!



 Brieya  Born in 2017 as a twin to parents Arwen and Adrian. This little spit fire is one of the clowns out in the field. She truly is one of those sheep that put a smile on your face. She has definitely inherited her parents wool growth abilities! It is  very dark charcoal (near black) in color, long, and is very soft. Only time will tell what the little Pocket Rocket will grow in to.



2018 daughter of Ariel and Nigel



2018 daughter of Amore and Alaska


Confidence – “Connie”

2018 daughter of Believe and Orion




2018 daughter of Jaylee and Orion



2018 daughter of Arwen and Nigel