Rams and Wethers


Born in 2015 as a triplet. At 3 years old he weighs 160lbs and is well behaved and respectful. He is truly the leader of our ram flock.  He is black based and carriers moorit. Orion is RR and is light badger face and swiss markings. He carries no spotting. His fleece is stunning! It is a beautiful creamy silver gray in color. It has an amazing soft handle with a gorgeous luster. There is lots of really tight crimp with a staple length of 3.75″ – 4”.



Born in 2016 as a single and came to our flock in the fall of 2017 to replace a ram that we lost.  Alaska is an impressive sized ram. He is a mellow boy who loves his graham crackers!  Alaska is an RR moorit ram who does not carry much spotting. He is badger and light blue. His fleece is a light cream color and has a very soft handle.




Orlando is a wether that was born in 2015 and came as part of our original flock. As an adult he is a big boy weighing in over 200lbs. He is a sweet boy who gets along with everyone.  When it comes to the “little” ram lambs he is a great babysitter who keeps them all in line.  Orlando looks like the world’s largest teddy bear. He gives a huge chocolate brown fleece each year. It is very soft and fun to work with.



Andante was born in 2016 from Jaylee. He is the “loud mouth” of the flock. There are never any questions if he has been fed or not. He is quick to let you know exactly what time you didn’t feed. He was castrated because of a bad attitude as a lamb but had too nice of a fleece to send to the locker. So, he became a wether and joined our boy group. His fleece is a gorgeous blue gray with lots and lots of crimp and character. He has definitely earned his place in the pasture.



2018 son of Nigel and Belle



2018 son of Alaska and Annie



2018 son of Orion and Basil



2018 son of Orion and Bonnie




2018 son of Angel and Orion



Wether – 2018 son of Arwen and Nigel