2019 Lambs

2019 Lambs

This is our “D” year, so all lambs will be named with a name that starts with the letter “D”.

**** we will post pictures as they arrive ****

All 2019 lambs have now arrived. This year we had 13 ram lambs and 23 ewe lambs born in our flock.

Oasis x Cowboy

Feb. 11th, triplets

Dove (E, colored)

Duster (R, white)

Darrell (R, white)

Amore x Canaan

February 16th, triplets

Domino (R, Extension Dominant)

Duchess (E, Colored)

Diamond (E, Extension Dominant)

Carliss x Cowboy

February 17th, single

Discovery (E, colored)

Brie x Cowboy

February 18th, twins

Dude (R, black based standing)

Deke (R, moorit based)

Believe x Orion

February 24th, twins

Devotion (E, moorit)

Delight (E, black based)

Borealis x Cowboy

February 25th, single

Daivius (R, black based)

Angel x Cowboy

February 25th, twins

Dallas (R, black based)

Not pictured, deceased ewe lamb 🙁

Oceana x Orion

February 26th, twins

Daelyn (E, black based)

Daisy (E, black based with socks)

Belle x Cowboy

February 27th, twins

Dawn (E, moorit)

Desperado (R, solid black)

Bonnie x Cowboy

February 27th, twins

Dulce (E, moorit, standing)

Dolly (E, moorit, laying down)

Bindy x Orion

March 1st, twins

Drake (R, moorit)

Dorothy (E, black based)

Arwen x Canaan

March 6th, twins

Diva (E, facing left)

Dory (E, facing right)

Cynthia x Canaan

March 7th, single

Diego (R, black based)

Ariel x Canaan

March 9th, twins

Danae (E, standing)

Dicken (R, laying down)

Odessey x Alaska

March 9th, ewe lamb triplets!

Diana (E, facing left)

Dixie (E, already coated)

Diadem (E, facing more right)

Brieya x Colter

March 14th, twins

Donovan (R, moorit)

Darlene (E, black)

Basil x Colter

March 15th, twins

Darcy (E, patterned)

Daria (E, Dark!)

Cosette x Alaska

March 24th, single

Denise (E, moorit)


Annie x Alaska

March 29th, twins

Dakota (R, white)

Dublin (E, moorit)


Due Date Ewe # expected
February 13th Amore – delivered 2/16 3+ (3)
Oasis  – delivered 2/11 2 (3!)
February 19th Carliss – delivered 2/17 1 (1)
February 21st Borealis – delivered 2/25 1 (1)
Brie – delivered 2/18 2 (2)
February 24th Angel – delivered 2/25 2?? (2)
February 26th Believe – delivered 2/24 2 (2)
Belle – delivered 2/27 2 (2)
Bindy – delivered 3/1 2 (2)
February 28th Oceana – delivered 2/26 2 (2)
March 1st Bonnie – delivered 2/27 2 (2)
March 8th Arwen – delivered 3/6 2 (2)
March 10th Odessey – delivered 3/9 3 (3)
Ariel – delivered 3/9 2? (2)
Cynthia – delivered 3/7 1 (1)
March 17th Brieya – delivered 3/14 2 (2)
March 18th Basil – delivered 3/15 3 (2)
March 21st Bea  open
March 26th Cosette – delivered 3/24 ? (1)
March 31st Annie – delivered 3/29 ??? (2)