Born as a twin on Valentine’s day in 2016, daughter of our flock matriarch Nan and sire Oleander. Amore is well on her way to becoming a very large girl when she reaches maturity. She is a very laid back and mellow ewe. She is easy to work with and is always happy to get attention and graham crackers. Amore delivered her first lambs on Valentine’s in 2017 (twins – Beau and Belle), what a fun coincidence! Belle is a double dark patterned ewe who was retained as a breeding member of our flock. Amore is an RR extension dominant (Ed) black ewe who carries Paddington blue and an unknown other allele. Amore has a large dark charcoal fleece that has lots of crimp and character with an average staple length of 3.75″-4″.

Baby Pictures