Born as a triplet in 2016 and joined our flock later that year. Annie came as an itty bitty late born lamb and has amazed us at how much a sheep can change in one year.  She did not breed that first fall but enjoyed romping/babysitting all the lambs in the spring.  She took the opportunity to do a little growing over that second year, and she just exploded both in size and fleece! She is much bigger now! She is very friendly and loves attention and will be your best friend if you scratch her head.  Annie is an RR black based ewe who carries moorit. She is white and carries dark blue. Her HUGE fleece is a soft white that just glows with luster and falls into beautiful locks. It is very soft with lots and lots of crimp and an average staple length of 5+”. January 2018 Annie sheered a total fleece weight of just over 16# with a prime fleece of 8.3#.  She impressed us with her first lambs this year (2018), twin rams Cowboy and Cherokee.  Cowboy will be used during breeding in the fall and Cherokee is now a wether that we hope will produce a gorgeous fleece like his parents.  

Baby Picture