Born as a single in 2016 and joined our flock later that summer. Ariel is a ewe that is always around but never causing any trouble. She is a sweet girl who enjoys getting attention from visitors. Ever since Ariel joined our flock she has constantly been compared to her cousin Angel. Ariel and Angel both look Very similar to each other so it is a challenge to tell them apart. But with a closer inspection they each been special uniqueness’ to the flock.  Ariel has really impressed us with the lambs that she has given us, they have been some of the best lambs of our flock the past two years.  She is an RR black based ewe who carries badger of some variety and Paddington blue. Her fleece is light gray in color with lots of beautiful crimp. It has a nice soft handle with beautiful luster and an average staple length of 4-4.5″.

Baby Pictures