2018 single miracle blessing from Nigel and Belle.  His sire Nigel was a brand new ram that we had purchased from Marushka Farms in PA who died the second day of his first breeding season on our farm.  His dam, Belle, was a ewe lamb who bred in those first 2 days and we did not know that she was even pregnant until we ultrasounded almost 3 1/2 months later.  Colter came into the world at a big 14.1 pounds and hasn’t stopped growing since.  Even though he was born to a very young mother he has impressed us with an average daily gain (ADG) of .91 pounds!  He is a huge ultra mellow boy.  Colter will carry on his sire’s legacy and joined the breeding rams fall 2018. He is an RR moorit ram which carries Paddington blue and possibly badger.  His fleece is medium hazelnut brown and is incredibly soft with an ultra tight crimp.

Baby Pictures