Customer Comments


I LOVED LOVED LOVED your fleece! It is beautiful! It washed up incredible. You gave me perfect info on VM so I wasn’t disappointed and was fascinated with the fleece as it dried! I will definitely buy more;) Please keep me into the loop on shearing as well because I will definitely be buying more at that time! I truly enjoyed dying this!  ~E.H., from Illinois

Hello….I wanted to let you know I received Bandito’s fleece and it’s absolutely beautiful.  I am thrilled!  The care you took in skirting, preparing, and packaging her fleece has all been outstanding.  I especially love the photo of Bandito you included… she’s is so beautiful! It makes the purchase, and of course the fleece, all that more personal. I didn’t want to take my fingers off her fleece once I opened the bag!  Thank you again for all the great communication, and follow up as well. It truly makes a difference when shepherds as yourself share their love and dedication to their flock.  I’ll definitely be interested in more of your wonderful covered fleeces for projects to come.  ~T.O., from Maryland

I get wool, as you know, every week all week long…. and I have to say I cannot believe these 3 fleeces I have purchased from you and your sheep! I am thoroughly incredibly impressed and flabbergasted on how soft and how gorgeous these are! I have even washed up a few pounds already! I cannot tell you enough on how intensely spin perfect these are! Low grease, no VM, perfect handle, just exquisite! I would love to have them again next shearing! I don’t care what it takes, I need them again! Just pure luxury! I don’t know if I’m even going to share… They are just incredible and it shows how much you care about your farm and your babies! Thank you so so much!  ~E.H., from Illinois

I have one of Cristow Farm’s moorit fleeces – I picked it up at the farm last week and I am just now scouring it. The farm is lovely, the sheep are healthy and happy, and this is a fantastic fleece. It is very clean, I mean VERY clean of vm, very soft, very consistent, a joy to work with. Five stars. I only wish they had about a zillion more.   ~L.A., from Iowa


I just received some!!! STUNNING! For only $2.50 an ounce you are CRAZY not to snap some up!!! I received the most beautiful Romeldale combed top ever! These girls know what they are doing.  ~M.P.E., from Florida


Next spring I will be looking for one as close to him (Creed, 2018 ram lamb) as I can find. I really like him and he would be a great match for my girls. I love his bone structure (conformation) and he has a nice personality. Out of all the CVM’s I bought, he was my favorite.  ~C.K., from Nebraska