Born in 2017 as a triplet to Nan and Adrian. Sadly Nan and the other two triplets did not survive delivery, leaving Believe as the only survivor. She spent her first week in our kitchen and was raised as a bottle lamb. Despite Believe’s rough start, she is the happiest sheep you will ever meet. She knows no strangers, just a friend she hasn’t met yet, with two legs or four. Believe is very friendly and would crawl in to your lap if allowed. Because of her preemie birth her ears are shaped like teacups; making her stand out from everyone else.  She is a QR moorit ewe who carries Paddington blue and something yet to be identified. Her staple length is an impressive 5+inches (as a lamb).  Her fleece is extremely soft and has a nice crimp; it is a honey mocha color and has a beautiful luster. Believe is an overcomer, surviving the odds against her. We are excited to see what the future will bring for this special ewe.

Baby Pictures