Born in 2017 as a twin sister to Bonnie by Jaylee and Adrian. She started as a very shy lamb who wanted nothing to do with the two-legged things. Eventually she was swayed by her more forward sister (Bonnie) that the humans are actually really nice. Bindy is now very friendly and is happy to get attention and graham crackers from visitors. She is an average sized girl who is easy to work with. Bindy is an RR moorit ewe who carries a decent amount of spotting. She appears to be light badger face and something else, perhaps Paddington blue. Her fleece is absolutely stunning! It has gorgeous tight crimp and is extremely consistent from front to back. It has a really nice staple length of 4-4 1/2″ with beautiful luster. Bindy is an exciting young ewe who allowed us the opportunity to see generational improvements from mother to daughter. We look forward to working with her fleece and lambs for years to come.

Baby Pictures