Born in 2017 as a twin sister to Bindy by Jaylee and Adrian. Bonnie has always been the bigger and more forward of these twins, coming up for attention even at a very young age. She is a sweet ewe who loves chin scratches and graham crackers. Her and her twin sister Bindy are extremely hard to tell apart. The only two ways to differentiate them is to either look at their ear tag number or look at the dark patch of color on their nose; Bindy’s nose patch is to her right, Bonnie’s goes to her left. Bonnie is a well built girl who should be a good size when she finishes maturing. She is constantly trying to outshine her sister in everything.  Bonnie gave a set of good sized twins (ram and ewe) in 2018 and her sister Bindy ONLY gave a pint-sized single (yet awesome!) ram lamb.  🙂   It is always a fun sibling rivalry.  Both sisters bring exceptional fleece qualities that we would love to further propagate in our flock. She is an RR moorit ewe who carries a considerable amount of spotting. Like her sister, at agouti we believe she is badger face and something else, perhaps Paddington blue. Her fleece is extremely soft and has beautiful tight crimp. It has a good staple length of 4″ with a nice luster. We are really looking forward to seeing what Bonnie produces in years to come.

Baby Pictures