Born in 2017 as a single to Odessey and Adrian. She was our largest ewe lamb in 2017 weighing in at 117lbs at six months old. Borealis is a beautiful girl with a sweet and gentle personality. She is exactly what we were hoping for in this cross: Adrian’s extra soft and long fleece on Odessey’s large body. Borealis is a QR black based moorit carrying ewe who carries some spotting. She is light badger face and Swiss markings. Her fleece is a beautiful silver in color. Average staple length of 4+” with lots of tight crimp and a fine micron count of 22 consistent front to back. We are excited to have this young ewe in our flock.  At the Shepherds Harvest Wool Show in 2018, Borealis’ lamb fleece won “reserve best in show”.

Baby Pictures