Born in 2017 as a twin to parents Arwen and Adrian. Brieya was officially our last lamb born in 2017. At birth she was a tiny 7 lbs, but her incredible amount of energy, enthusiasm and mischief has earned her the nickname “Pocket Rocket”, which even after a year still fits her to a T! Brieya is her mother’s daughter in many many ways. The only difference is that Arwen lives for food: Brieya only eats if she:  1. Remembers, and 2. If it is convenient. This little spit fire is one of the clowns out in the field. She truly is one of those sheep that just put a smile on your face. Brieya is an RR black based moorit carrying girl who has no spotting. At agouti she is Paddington blue and either Paddington blue or dark blue. She has definitely inherited her parents wool growth abilities!  Her first “lamb fleece” had a staple length between 3.5-4.5″.  Brieya’s fleece is a very dark charcoal in color (and very challenging to get detailed pictures of this dark fleece) and is very soft with a tested micron count of 21. Only time will tell what the little Pocket Rocket will grow in to.

Baby Pictures