Born as a triplet in 2015 and came to our farm that spring as part of our original starter flock. Oceana is a “softy” who is not very pushy against her more determined flock mates. She is a sweet ewe who is very friendly and loves attention. Oceana is happiest when she has babies at her side. She is an awesome momma and absolutely dotes on her lambs. She is a QR moorit who is heavily spotted and carries light badger face and another pattern, likely badger of some variety. Oceana has a stunning honey moorit award winning fleece. In 2017 at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Show her fleece scored a perfect 100 and earned the title of Natural Colored Division Champion. It is one of the favorites in the flock.  Oceana’s fleece is a gorgeous oatmeal honey cream with consistent tight crimp, beautiful luster, and a staple length of 4″- 4 1/2″.

Baby Picture